If you’re struggling to find the right career, we can help you to find your direction.

Whether you are trying to identify the right career for you, thinking of changing your career direction or develop your job seeking skills, TwoPointZero’s innovative Career Coaching and Guidance Programs help students, graduates and young people in the early stages of their careers, across Sydney and Melbourne, to get to  where they  want to be.

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Our professional coaches and advisors will help you reach your career goals.

Our team of experienced career coaches and advisers have an in-depth understanding of the modern job market and will work with you as you:

  • learn about your individual strengths and preferences. Working with one of the career coaches and advisors from our Melbourne or Sydney offices, you will develop a clear understanding of what drives and motivates you
  • find careers options suited to you. Armed with the information on you drivers and motivators our career coaches and advisers will help you identify and explore the types of careers that will fulfil your needs and help you choose the right one for you.
  • gain skills for securing employment. Knowing what to say in a job interview, how to write a resume or knowing how to leverage your networks to get a job is not easy. Our advisors and coaches teach you the skills you need to ensure you can present yourself to employers and compete in the modern job market
  • develop a solid career plan. A well developed flexible career plan will help you maintain your focus and reach your career goals
  • make the transition into a new career. Our career coaches and advisors will help you make the transition from education in to employment.

“TwoPointZero worked with me, on my terms and at my pace. It was the service and support I desperately needed and it came at exactly the right time. The service and value I received has far outweighed the cost of the program, and I’ve already started recommending the service to a few friends”!

Dan – Career Compass Program

Discover the life-changing potential of a fulfilling career, all for the price of a university elective.

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If you would like to find out how you can benefit from a career coach, contact us now for a FREE CONSULTATION with the team from TwoPointZero by calling our Melbourne office on 03 9691 7955 or Sydney Office on 02 9256 2190. Or send us an email at contact@twopointzero.com.au

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