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4 Steps to Take to Find the Right Career for You

Have you felt as though the job you’ve been going to every day is not the right one for you? Are you uncertain what’s the right career for you? If you’ve ever heard the little voice at the back of your mind telling you that your career choice isn’t the right fit, it might be time to listen to it.

Finding the right career for you when you’ve finished school or university, or even doing a complete 180 in terms of your current career can seem downright impossible – where does one even start? The career landscape is continuing to evolve. For instance, overall job satisfaction and having a meaningful career is high on the list of people’s priorities. Providing for families is no longer the only fulfilling aspect people look for in terms of their career.

It’s has been said that millennials will change career paths five times oncethey graduate, as opposed to the more predictable career paths of their parents.

But, how many times do you lament that you’re unsure of which career path you’d like to take, only to find your friends and family not taking your question seriously? Or to respond with, “just do what makes you happy!” But how do you turn that in to a career?

Here are 4 steps you can take that can help when looking at how to find what career is right for you.

Think About What You Enjoy

While this is a tried and tested question to consider, it never hurts to ask it. No one wants to make a career change into a field they don’t enjoy. Make a list of jobs or tasks you enjoy doing or learning about, and research whether you need further training or education.

Do you prefer good, honest labour? Do you like to let your creative colours fly? Are you better working with people, but hate sitting in front of the computer all day? It’s best to be honest with yourself.

In an ideal scenario, the right career for you should match your preferences, skills, interests and align with your personal values.

Does Your Chosen Industry Have Job Growth?

Does the career or industry you’re thinking of stepping into boast steady job growth or could it grow stagnant quickly?

With Artificial Intelligence and Automation projected to eliminate a number of careers in the not too distant future, it’s important to research whether the new career you’re considering will exist in the coming decades. Of course, with technological advancements come job creation in new and exciting industries, and perhaps your future career!

Break the Big Question Down into Smaller Ones

While asking yourself “what do I want to be when I grow up?” can feel reductive and overwhelming, breaking this question into smaller, and easier to answer, questions can be beneficial to people looking to change career paths.

Try asking yourself the following:

“If I could choose one friend to trade jobs with, who would it be and why?”

“If I had the right education or skillset, I would definitely be working in ______ industry”

“What do I love the most about my current job?”

“What do I dislike the most about my current job?”

“What skills do my friends and co-workers compliment me on?”

“If I could spend my weekends doing something I enjoy, what would it be?”

These questions aren’t meant to give you an answer to all your career pains and problems, however they should help you take the first step toward planning your dream career.

Enlist in the Help of a Career Coach

When all is said and done, when you’re questioning your career path it’s always beneficial to discuss this with an impartial party, such as a career coach.

Deciding on whether a career coach might be useful is a difficult decision to make. Every person is different, meaning their career goals and preferences vary, so finding help and guidance to find a fulfilling job can seem like a difficult task. A career coach works to help you find what career is the right fit for you, to coach you in terms of upskilling, to help you navigate evolving industries and your changing career path and to even undertake relevant psychometric tests.

If you would like to find out what the right career is for you, or to simply take steps towards a different career path, please contact Two Point Zero today.