Career counselling, guidance and coaching

We will help you discover your career passion and direction, and provide you with the tools and insights you need to pursue a happy and healthy professional life. Our programs, based in Melbourne and Sydney, are designed for graduates, students and young people in the early stages of their careers who are looking for career counselling, guidance and coaching to help them find the right career options for them

Our ethos

We know that a meaningful career is vital to long-term health and happiness.
We are all different.
So we take the time to get to know you and understand your individual strengths, motivators, likes and dislikes. That way, we can help you find the path that is right for you.
Being passionate about achieving exceptional outcomes is what drives us. That’s the way we encourage, lift and support you throughout your journey.
Above all, we are easy to talk to.

Our story

TwoPointZero is an important part of the largest Australian-owned career strategy firm, The Career Insight Group, which also includes DirectioneeringAudrey Page & Associates and The Navigation Group.

Career coaching is close to the hearts of the TwoPointZero team. 

Company founder Jannine Fraser worked 30 different jobs by the time she was 30. She sold shoes, cleaned meal plates at a training centre, worked as a full-time nanny, dabbled in video duplication, and spent time as an usher. Eventually, she found her calling in career management.

In 2003, Jannine was inspired by her own diverse career history and lack of career guidance and counselling early on to create Directioneering, a service dedicated to helping others find career success.

Steve Shepherd, TwoPointZero CEO, is also driven by personal experience. After seeing how a lack of career direction impacted the health and happiness of his own children, he vowed to effect change in the Australian employment sector so other families would not have to suffer the same stresses.

Now a mother of two, Jannine founded TwoPointZero to provide support for people making the transition from education to employment. Through the combined forces of Jannine’s career coaching skills and Steve’s employment market expertise, the original vision has expanded into a service that helps students, graduates and young people in the early stages of their careers find lasting fulfilment through career counselling, coaching and guidance .

Jannine and Steve surround themselves with a team who share their drive and know-how, and who work hard to get you where you want to be.

TwoPointZero will help you find the right path, build a plan and develop the career skills you need to succeed.

Your international network

TwoPointZero and its parent company The Career Insight Group are part of Career Partners International (CPI). CPI has operations in 45 countries around the world, giving the individuals we work with access to a network of local experts in career management and talent development. Visit the CPI website to find out more.

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