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Are you wanting to clarify your career direction, confirm you are on the right path, or is now a good time to reflect on your strengths and refine your wants and needs in relation to your work and career? Two Point Zero’s “Career Direction” program is ideal for those from the early through to mid-stages of their careers who want to take charge of their careers or are faced with career decisions and want to be armed with insights that will help make informed decisions.

Program Highlights:

  • Career Decision Maker™ Professional Report: The Career Decision Maker™ is a unique career assessment that evaluates the four dimensions of a person that research has proven to be critical for job satisfaction and performance – personality, skills, interests, and values. This extensive report provides you with information to support informed career decisions.
  • 1.5 hour debrief session: one of our qualified career coaches will take you through your Career Decision Maker™ report in depth, exploring each element with you, discussing themes, and identifying strengths and areas for development, and considerations for the career decisions you are faced with.
  • Next Steps: our career coach will discuss with you how to use your Career Decision Maker™ report in moving forward to achieve the career clarity and outcomes you are seeking.


By the end of the “Career Direction” program, you will have an better understanding of your personality, skills, interests and values. This knowledge will help you to move forward with career clarity and a better understanding of the outcomes you would like to achieve. 

Price: $550

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