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Your Path to Landing Your Dream Job

Are you passionate about a specific career but find yourself struggling to secure that ideal role? Two Point Zero’s “Career Roadmap” program is tailored for individuals who know their dream career and are determined to make it a reality. We focus on honing your job-seeking skills to set you apart in every step of the application process, bringing you closer to your dream job.

Program Highlights:

  • 4 Face-to-Face Coaching Sessions: Receive personalized guidance and strategies from your dedicated career coach to navigate the competitive job market effectively.
  • Choice of 2 Employment Skills Workshops: Enhance your skills with workshops designed to give you an edge in the job search process.
  • Job Search Toolbox: Access a comprehensive set of tips, activities, and templates to master every aspect of your job search, from crafting standout resumes to acing interviews.
  • Resume and Cover Letter Review and Feedback: Get expert guidance on how to present your skills and experience effectively to potential employers.
  • LinkedIn Profile Review: Optimize your online presence with a thorough LinkedIn profile review, ensuring you leave a strong digital impression.
  • Access to Career Links and Information: Stay up-to-date with essential career links, blogs, and information to stay ahead in your job search.
  • Job-Search Action Plan: Develop a clear and actionable plan to guide you toward landing your next job, ensuring you stay on track.


By the end of the “Career Roadmap” program, you’ll possess the skills and strategies needed to effectively showcase your qualifications to employers. Armed with a clear action plan, you’ll be well-prepared to take the steps necessary to secure your dream job.

Price: $1,490

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