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Finding a career after football

When an AFL career comes to an end, for some it is planned but for many the de-listing process can take them by surprise and leave them wondering what next. Most are drafted in to the club straight out of school and have focused all their efforts on their football career with little thought about […]

How good is your BBQ Pitch?

Over the holiday period there is good chance you are going to attend one or two social gatherings where family and friends are likely to ask you what your plans are now that you have graduated. Here are some tips to help turn that conversation in to a valuable career networking conversation. Over the holiday […]

4 Steps to Take to Find the Right Career for You

Have you felt as though the job you’ve been going to every day is not the right one for you? Are you uncertain what’s the right career for you? If you’ve ever heard the little voice at the back of your mind telling you that your career choice isn’t the right fit, it might be […]

AFL Players Association and Two Point Zero deliver first ever player outduction camp

Transitioning from football is a difficult task and with the average playing career lasting just 5.5 years many players have given little thought to a life after football. In November, the AFL Players Association, Two Point Zero and AFL Sports Ready hosted the Inaugural Outduction Camp designed to help players identify career paths, develop their […]

Helping AFL Players Kick Career Goals After Football

We’ve always been goals orientated at Two Point Zero, which is why we’re thrilled to announced our new partnership with the AFL Players’ Association (AFLPA) to help assist AFL and AFLW players find careers after footy. As part of this partnership, Two Point Zero will work in collaboration with AFLPA to host the first AFLPA […]

Don’t make these bad career decisions

There has never been a more important time for students to carefully consider their career aspirations and goals to ensure they’re getting the most out of their education. This comes after our recent study, which revealed more than half of young Aussies regret their elective and course choices, while 56% are embarking on a career […]

Over Half of Young Aussies Regret Their Electives

A study by youth career coaching firm, Two Point Zero has found over half (56%) of young Aussies are embarking on careers totally unrelated to their studies. The study also found 55% of young Aussies go on to regret their electives. This may be due to the fact a quarter (24%) of young people are […]

Charles’ Story: University Course and Career Uncertainty

Charles came to Two Point Zero towards the end of his first year at university, where he was studying Engineering. Charles always saw himself doing something hands-on and practical, and having achieved a high ATAR score, a degree in Engineering seemed the way to go. After a year of studying, it became clear Charles wasn’t […]

The one skill that all job seekers need in the 21st Century

There has been a lot of talk about the skills that we will need to survive in the future of work. Skills like creativity, problem solving and communication are regularly mentioned. However, in all of these discussions, those offering the advice fail to address the one skill that will be essential to everyone as we […]

GenHow? Enabling Tomorrow’s Workforce

An interactive debate on youth unemployment. Moderated by Two Point Zero CEO Steve Shepherd, CEO, a panel of industry experts discussed the difficulties graduates face in today’s changing employment landscape. To watch the video of the full debate click here.