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Charles’ Story: University Course and Career Uncertainty

Charles came to Two Point Zero towards the end of his first year at university, where he was studying Engineering. Charles always saw himself doing something hands-on and practical, and having achieved a high ATAR score, a degree in Engineering seemed the way to go.

After a year of studying, it became clear Charles wasn’t enjoying the course he had selected, and was losing motivation for University. Like many students, Charles found himself at a career crossroad and wasn’t sure which way to go with his studies. His options were to drop out or change courses but he did not know what to change too.

Charles was referred to Two Point Zero by his parents and undertook a process of self-discovery and career exploration with Career Coach, Lee.

Undertaking the Career Navigator program together, they completed assessments and activities to help him pinpoint what motivates him, what kind of environment he’d like to work in, what tasks he would enjoy and what things he’d find dull or unsatisfying.

Analysing the outcomes, Charles and Lee found he would value a busy and active environment, is motivated by project-based work, and would prefer to not work in an office all day. This led him to consider careers in construction management, real estate and firefighting; things he hadn’t thought of before.

Building on those insights, the Two Point Zero team helped Charles explore his network to identify professionals in these industries, who could provide a sneak peek into a day in their career. Through the program, Charles was able to determine both the highlights and challenges they face in their roles, what a typical day looks like, and how they got to where they are now. The experience gave Charles the tools to accurately determine the career path that was right for him.

Weighing up all the options, Charles decided property management was where his passion lies. Following the completion of his program with Two Point Zero, Charles travelled back to his native country, France, where he spent six weeks gaining hands-on experience within a property management business in Paris.

By working with Two Point Zero and gaining practical work experience, Charles knew which way to take his career and has decided to study Property Management in France, securing an internship while he studies.