Imagine a job interview where they can pause, replay and really analyse your every move…

Each year, approximately 325,000 graduates complete their university studies and head into the job market. Standing out from the competition is tough. It’s a lot tougher looking for a job exclusively from home in the middle of a pandemic.

Current employment market data might indicate a strong market, but it does not account for pandemic related factors like isolation that for many, make the job search process just too hard. In our Directioneering business we’ve heard anecdotes of far too many candidates who are not fortunate enough to have a coach supporting their search and have opted out of the search altogether or have accepted substandard offers. We want to avoid that for graduates as much as possible.

TwoPointZero specialise in helping graduates, students and young people in the early stages of their careers with guidance and coaching to find the right career path, build a plan and develop the career skills needed to succeed. It’s a tried and tested model from our parent organisation, Directioneering Group. The genesis of TwoPointZero has always been to bring our deep executive know how to the Graduate and early career market.

While the general programs are run on a 1:1 basis, a few years ago, the team launched Graduate Bootcamps designed to help more graduates stand out in the competitive graduate job market.

“These last three years we’ve really refined the program to address the nuances of an often entirely virtual experience. It’s no longer about just needing to stand out”, Lee Sunlay, Director Coaching Services.

Technology is helping to bridge the virtual gap, however, for graduates it’s introduced another challenge. We’re hearing from Early Career Teams in some of Australia’s leading firms who have re-shaped their selection process because of COVID. For example, to help screen thousands of grad applicants, many major organisations have now further incorporated tools like pre-recorded video and psychometric assessments into their selection process. The downside for graduate applications in a virtual world, nuances can be lost, errors heightened – and paused, replayed, examined.

Graduations and end of year celebrations are over with, it’s time to get real about careers and todays graduates need all the help they can get. The 2022 Graduate Bootcamp will again run virtually, and no, it’s not too late to register you can contact our team here.

3 steps to crack the selection process

1. Who’s hiring graduates and when

Large organisations typically open their applications for graduate programs around February and March each year.

Websites like GradConnection advertise graduate programs and roles and provide profiles on the organisations. The APS Graduate Portal lists available federal government roles and there are similar sites for state government roles.

Applying for numerous graduate programs can be quite demanding and time consuming. Make sure you’re organised by diarising the opening and closing dates and prioritising the submissions.

2. Have all the documents ready

As part of your application, many organisations will ask you to provide your academic transcript, evidence of your right to work in Australia, referees, and the all-important resume. Avoid a scramble, start getting these organised now:

  • Request a copy of your academic transcripts as this can take a few weeks.
  • Scan a copy of your passport, birth certificate, or relevant visa.
  • Start working on your resume.
  • Identify referees and seek permission to provide their details.

3. Be prepared for video Q&A

More organisations are requesting a video as part of the application process, in addition to a traditional interview. Keep the following in mind when you plan on recording a video:

  • Preparation is key to provide the best response possible in limited time.
  • Dress in line with the type of business, ie: corporate, business casual.
  • Record where there will be no interruptions or background noise.
  • Sit eye-level with your camera, with your head and shoulders in the frame.
  • Have a plain background with nothing distracting behind.
  • Make sure the lighting is good and illuminates your face – never film with a window behind.

More about the 2022 Graduate Bootcamp:

TwoPointZero’s Graduate Bootcamp will help you stand out as you navigate the graduate recruitment process in possibly the toughest environment seen since the GFC. Now in its third year, you’ll learn how to navigate the entire graduate recruitment process from beginning to end. This includes:

Write a resume that gets you noticed

Creating your resume is not a matter of one and done. First, you create a master resume template and then you must learn how to optimise that for each individual application. The customisation factor is an art form in itself.

Application process hacks

Selection criteria can be intimidating, our professional advisors will give you the confidence and help you to align life and educational experience to the application’s key selection criteria.

Knowledge is power

It’s always easier when you have some idea of what to expect and an understanding of what you can and cannot control. Explore the premise and process of various selection exercises and psychometric tests with our inhouse advisors. When you understand what they are looking to see it’s a lot easier to focus and deliver.

Showcase your best self

It’s never been harder when the main forum to graduate employers is through Video interviews and Live interviews. Let our team coach you through your preparation so you can have your best self on show.

Get the market intelligence

Hear from members of the Early Career Teams and Graduate recruiters at some of Australia’s leading firms as they share what they look for in a great graduate hire and how they have re-shaped their selection process because of COVID.

Don’t just take our word for it

Recent graduates will also share their experiences and learnings landing their first big break and embarking on their graduate career in the pandemic era.

Contact our team here

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