Many students finish school and university and then convince themselves that Australia’s job market goes in to shut down over the holiday period and into January and therefore put their job search activity on hold. However whilst in part this is true there are many opportunities to use this period to ensure they are job ready in the New Year

Here are 9 things you can do now and over the holiday period to develop your job seeking skills and or career focus.

  • Set some preliminary personal goals for next year – sketch out a rough career plan.
  • Develop and practice your BBQ pitch. There are going to be many opportunities to connect with family and friends over the holidays and they are probably going to ask you about what you plan to do now you have graduated. Have a clear statement that not only shares with people what you plan to do or are interested in pursuing but also shares the value you bring to this type of role or why it interests you
  • Reach out and thank everyone who has helped you and shown an interest in your career. Provide them with an update on the positive progress you have made so far, your areas of interest and the next steps you are taking. This is the first step to leverage your networks.
  • Create or update your professional social media profile including where appropriate LinkedIn, to ensure it reflects your career direction and interests and provides viewers with insights on the value you bring to the roles you are interested in.
  • Work on your resume to ensure it fit for purpose. Remember your resume needs to reflect the key selection criteria of the jobs you are intending to apply for.
  • Practice your interview skills on a friend or family member. Think about the types of questions you may be asked and practice answering them in a way that demonstrates your knowledge of the role and your suitability.
  • Start the New Year with momentum. Identify who in your network may be able to help you or provide advice. Remember that around 50% of people will find their next role via someone they know so set up meetings now for January/February.
  • Look for part time work, holiday or volunteer work that will help you develop additional skills and expertise relevant to the kind of roles you are interested
  • Chat to us at TwoPointZero if you need some extra help and coaching. We will be around through the holidays and offer a range of different career coaching program designed to help you find the career that is right for you and develop your job seeking skills.