Education Review Podcast with TwoPointZero CEO Steve Shepherd – September 12, 2017

Young people lost and disenchanted with career advice. Listen Here


Cropped shot of a beautiful university student on graduation dayhttp:// September 4, 2017

Young Aussies considering university are being urged to carefully consider their career choices to ensure there is a job at the end of their degree. Read Here



SBS Radio May 24, 2017

TwoPointZero CEO Steve Shepherd talks with SBS Radio about youth unemployment and underemployment in Australia, the causes and what needs to be done to fix them. Listen to the Podcast Here


capture March 2, 2017

WHEN IT comes to millennials entering the workplace, we’ve heard the stereotypes over and over again.

They’re lazy. They’re unmotivated. They’re glued to their smartphones. They’re entitled and expect to come in as CEOs, rather than work their way up from low-paid entry-level positions the way their parents did.

But an expert who has spent almost three decades in recruitment services has sharply rebuked the stereotype, saying it’s frankly “bullsh*t”. Click Here To Read Full Article



The Age February 19, 2017

Staying at home for longer leaves parents counting the costs. Click Here To Read Full Article.



AFR February 13, 2017

The 2017 AFR Graduate Careers Supplement featuring information on graduate careers across different industries as well as case studies and interesting articles (including one on TwoPointZero). Click HERE to read the full supplement.



AFR January 11, 2017.

Investment grows in millennials career coaching. Freshly minted graduates are starting to resort to the type of career coaching traditionally reserved for senior management as they struggle to carve out a fulfilling career in a job market decimated by automation and offshoring. To read more click HERE



Sunrise December 31, 2016.

Our CEO Steve Shepherd discussing young careers with the team on Channel 7’s Sunrise Breakfast Show. Click here to watch the segment.