Steve Shepherd CEO

An intrepid explorer and fan of sultry climes, Steve once dreamed of being a fighter pilot in the RAF, but now gets his kicks from seeing a person’s face light up when they touch down into a job that really excites them.

Being CEO is more than just a job for Steve. He experienced first-hand the dramatic impact that youth unemployment can have on a family, and is deeply passionate about career coaching and its effect on the social landscape.

He has in-depth knowledge of the Australian employment market and has spent 28 years working in HR and recruitment services businesses across Australia, New Zealand and Asia. One of his proudest achievements has been developing and launching Randstad’s Shaping Young Futures Program, which helps young jobseekers develop practical skills and secure employment.

Steve is a recruitment Top Gun: a Life Member and former President and Board Chairman of the Recruitment and Consulting Services Association of Australia and New Zealand (RCSA), a Member of the Australian Futures Foundation, and a former Board Member of the World Employment Federation

Jannine Fraser Managing Director

Jannine has a creative side that would have seen her pursuing a career as a famous sculptor had she not been held back by a lack of artistic talent.

After making her way down a career path littered with detour signs, Jannine finally discovered her true calling: empowering people through employment opportunities. She is a counsellor with vast experience coaching people and developing individual strategies to achieve career success; it’s sculpting of a different, more personal kind.

Before establishing Australia’s leading career strategy firm, Directioneering, Jannine was the local marketing director for a global consulting firm during a time of significant ownership change. Her experience is supported by accreditations such as Management Research Group’s Leadership Effectiveness & Personal Directions, Birkman, Targeted Selection and MBTI.

Always unwilling to admit defeat, she still dabbles in pottery on the side.

Lee Sunlay Manager of Coaching

Ever since 12-year-old Lee got her first job cleaning shelves at her local pharmacy, work has been a really important part of her life. This early experience made her realise what an important role employment plays in people’s lives, and how much it can impact their independence, self-esteem and identity. (The $5 an hour probably didn’t hurt either.)

Lee is now driven by a passion for assisting others to find a career they will enjoy and be successful in. She has more than 10 years’ experience in helping people identify career pathways, achieve goals and fulfil their potential. She is accomplished in providing support to people at varying stages in their careers, including graduates.

Experience in numerous management positions across the employment sector ensures Lee has a well-rounded business acumen and direct experience of recruitment processes. She integrates this into the work she does with her clients, providing them with insight and understanding of what employers value both during the job-search phase and within the workplace.

Scott Fraser Start-Ups and Small Business Expert

When Scott was young he wanted to be a printer like his dad, and even got his first job in print – or at least covered in it – delivering newspapers. And in his professional life, Scott is still delivering. He has seven years’ experience helping people make the transition to self-employment, and provides a solid framework to help those setting up small businesses. His expertise in this area is complemented by 20 years of commercial lending experience at the big banks, and vast experience around commercial operations, business start-ups, seed funding, ownership models, business planning and forecasting.

As the father of two teenage children, Scott strongly believes in the importance of helping younger generations find fulfilling employment opportunities.

Paul Ward Finance Director

A numbers man who loves working with people, Paul is an enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a pair of golfing trousers.

Paul has extensive experience across a range of industries, working his way up from his first job putting the sticks into toffee apples to senior finance, sales, commercial and marketing positions at Amcor Australia, where he worked for nearly 16 years. He is also a former CEO of AIW Printing.

Paul also has 10 years of experience in chartered accounting, including working in corporate recovery divisions at Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young, where he was responsible for consulting and managing distressed companies across industries including healthcare, retail, manufacturing, hospitality and construction.

Jo Shepherd Career Coach

Jo grew up wanting to be a marine biologist and she could often be found knocking on doors in her neighbourhood asking people to sign petitions to save the whales or protect baby seals. However her lack of any interest in the science requirement of marine biology saw her get her first job, ironically in a fish and chip shop. Realising though that she was more of a people person than a fish person, Jo forged a career for herself in recruitment, helping people across all walks of life to get a job.

Through this role Jo saw firsthand the mistakes people often make when applying for jobs and going for interviews and so she decided to become a career coach, where she now helps people develop the direction, focus and skills they need to find the right career path and the job they really want.

Temi Oloyede Career Coach

While studying a degree in Psychology, Temi had a day job as a data entry officer with government, but in her spare time she played basketball for Queensland and dreamed of being a basketball superstar in the WNBA.

After university Temi started work in internal audit and risk management with consulting firms and government but realised that what she loved to do was more people centric.

Having spent a few years in her early 20’s being unsure about her own career path, she realised through self-reflection and exploration that what she loves to do is to develop others, maximise their strengths and bring out the best in people, deciding that career coaching was the perfect pathway for her.

Temi focuses on empowering individuals to make informed career decisions, have a clear understanding of themselves and to have more confidence to communicate who they are and what they can do in the world of work.

Louise Doyle Career Coach

When her two left feet prevented her from pursuing her dream of becoming a prima ballerina and touring the world, Louise pursued her interest in economics, politics and power.  She graduated with an economics degree with honours, and danced her way into a role with BHP as a graduate industrial relations advisor.

Mentoring and coaching people to succeed has been a constant theme in Louise’s life having held Human Resource and other Senior Leadership roles with organisations including BHP Billiton, National Foods and Melbourne University.  Working with TwoPointZero, Louise draws on this experience and knowledge to  inspire and assist the people she works with to achieve their own career goals.

John Dakin Career Coach & Director

The consistent theme for John’s career is “delivery” as his first job as a school student was delivering Christmas parcels for Australia Post and furniture for Myer.

John went on to deliver academic results for HSC students before finding his real vocation as a career coach.  John has worked with many people who have come to realise that while they might be good at their profession, it doesn’t really motivate them.  Using excellent profiling tools he has been able to deliver motivating career results to a wide range of people, but his most satisfying of all has been helping his own children to turn their passions into successful careers.

Cameron Yorke Career Coach


Cameron started his work-life as a 12-year-old delivering community newspapers for 2 cents apiece, although he thinks his Dad probably did more of the work than he did!

Realising that paper delivery wasn’t the career path for him, Cameron instead followed his passion for sports, forging a career as a university Lecturer of Sports Management, a Player Development Manager at the Melbourne Rebels – where he supported players with wellbeing, education decisions and career advice – and as a university Career Consultant.

Having picked his first degree for all the wrong reasons, Cameron is passionate about sharing his learnings and experiences to support others in making good career decisions, where he enjoys partnering with people to identify skills and strengths to create realistic career plans.

Tracey Fleming Career Coach


Tracey initially thought the perfect job would be an instructor at a holiday resort leading sports activities and day trips, but after starting studies in leisure at university, she quickly realised she preferred to do these activities in her spare time rather than as a career. So, instead she transferred to studies in Business, which opened the door to an international career working in career transition and development, talent acquisition and executive search for multinational technology companies.


After 20 years of working in Canada and France, Tracey returned to Australia where she went through her own career transition, realising she was most energised when she could work alongside people experiencing changes in their careers and assist them to reach their true career potential. Tracey has since completed a Graduate Diploma in Career Development and Education and is passionate about working alongside clients who are seeking to change their career trajectory, partnering with them to discover more fulfilling and meaningful job opportunities, and preparing them with the essential tools throughout the job search process with a focus on how to ‘ace’ the job interview.

Wendy Cameron-Dodd Photographer

Wendy always loved art and had a good eye for colour and detail and has continued to use that love and skill in her professional life as a photographer.

Wendy now works with TwoPointZero to capture great personal images that ensure our participants professional social media profiles stand out.

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