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Succeed at Interviews

Being able to interview well can be the difference between receiving a job offer or a job rejection and is an essential part of anyone’s job search. Two Point Zero’s Interview Coaching is for individuals who are tired of attending interviews and not being offered the job, or for those who find interviews daunting or just aren’t sure what they should be telling an interviewer or how to articulate their abilities and experiences in the best way.

Program Highlights:

  • 2 Face-to-Face Coaching Sessions: learn about the theory behind interviews, how to identify what an employer might ask you, what is relevant to share at an interview, how to structure your responses to be effective, and have a mock interview with feedback from your coach.
  • Practice Interview Questions: your coach will provide you with relevant interview questions for your industry and career level for you to practice delivering in a mock interview.  

At the end of the interview coaching program, you’ll have gained an understanding of what employers want to learn about you at interview, how to predict potential interview questions, the best way to articulate your skills and experience with confidence and you’ll have had an opportunity to practice interviewing with your coach and received feedback and tips.

Price: $650

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